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6 Big Benefits of Blogging for Your Small Business Marketing

You see, blogging is vital to building a strong and authoritative brand online. It builds the know, like, and trust factor with prospects and new buyers while increasing business exposure. With search engines being the #1 way consumers look up information, your blog serves as a source for offering solutions and expert advice to your target audience.

The goal is to share the value and benefits of blogging for your small business marketing. We’ve compiled six reasons why every brand should leverage a blog to accelerate and sustain business growth.

#1 Position your business as an expert in your niche

Your blog is perhaps the best way to bolster your brand image, positioning your business as a thought leader and reliable source in your niche. It’s the perfect platform to extend expert advice, answer your audience’s most impressing questions, offer solutions, and to keep your visitors informed. You will be seen as the “go-to” source, keeping you top of mind when seeking fresh content. Since blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information, you’ll be viewed as trustworthy in your industry…an essential factor to generating leads, sales, and loyal customers.

#2 Improves SEO ranking

A whopping 95% of businesses with a blog report higher search rankings. Through optimizing your blog post, you increase SEO to having your content be found on Google and other search engines. Because consumers look to search first when seeking relevant information, it’s important to begin positioning your brand to be located by your target audience. Blogging is the top way to achieving this goal.

For example, a business can implement local SEO tactics and use their blog to rank for every city in their service area. A contractor can publish blog articles about each of their projects, highlighting the cities they’re located in, sharing quality visuals to enhance engagement, and offer useful details that helps consumers answer questions when hiring their next contractor. Not only are they promoting their business, but they’re sharing value which gives them that slight edge!

#3 Nurture your email list with valuable content

The best strategy to cultivating your email subscribers is through sharing your blog post that keeps them engaged with your brand. The beauty about feeding your list with blog content is that they’re 3 times more likely to share your content via social media…than visitors from other sources. They are fans of your brand and look forward to hearing from you. Your eNewsletters can consist of your most popular blog posts along with those newly published. This is a great way to drive consistent traffic to your website, significantly boosting your SEO ranking.

#4 Excellent source for lead generation

As mentioned, small businesses that blog receive more leads than those who don’t. Your blog is an excellent source for generating leads because readers are already interested in your content, making them more qualified leads. By leveraging tools like opt-in forms and landing pages, you can turn your blog into a lead generating machine. Growing your list is the lifeline to your business so it’s imperative to focus on creating quality blog content to attract the right visitors, thus converting the right leads to your sales funnel.

#5 Remarkable content to share on your social networks

Social media favors blog content. Simply take a look at the trending topics section in Facebook…you’ll see a recurring theme: most of these articles are blog posts! Social media outlets are sending tremendous traffic to blog sites due to the power of sharing. Sharing your content on your social sites will continue to build your brand as a thought leader and send massive visitors to your website…a power-packed strategy.

Quick note: Blog articles are also one of the top 3 reasons people follow brands on social media!

#6 Leverage long-form content for repurposing content strategy

The advantage to publishing long-form blog content and regularly blogging is that you end up with tons of content pieces. This is good news because now you can repurpose this content and transform it into multiple forms of content to expand your reach and influence on the web.

Repurposing your content is highly effective in appealing to different audiences on various marketing platforms. In other words, along with sharing your blog with your list, you can broadcast a live-stream video using Periscope or Facebook Live to expand on key points in your post. Easily design visuals that complement your blog content to post on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Does your post speak to a business audience? Post it on LinkedIn where members are actively engaged in content. Finally, share each of your major key points in a video series and upload on your YouTube channel.

With content repurposing, you will never run out of content to share with your audience.


With 77% of Internet users saying they spend time reading blogs online, it’s time that your audience begins indulging in your rich content to be informed, educated, and inspired. Commit to implementing or bolstering your blogging strategy to experience these amazing benefits in your business. You’ll soon discover why marketers declare it’s the finest investment in their marketing box.

Are you ready to leverage blogging in your small business marketing? We’ll help you feed your blog with valuable content! Reach out to us here and let’s chat!

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