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Organic SEO vs. Social Media Marketing: Which Is Best to Promote Your Website?

Finding the best way to promote your website is important. No one is going to visit the site unless they know how to find it. Two of the most popular strategies to digital marketing are organic SEO and social media marketing. Many people find these to be at odds: it's either one or the other. Depending on your website, one strategy may be more effective or appropriate than the other. To promote your website, you have to think about what is best for you. Read on to learn all about these two strategies and which one may be the best option.

Organic SEO

This is the granddaddy of digital marketing. Before we had social media, one of the best ways websites could get noticed was through the search engine. Things like internal links, meta-tags, even great and authentic content all can help increase the optimization of the website. Organic SEO tends to target specific keywords that a website owner wants to rank on. In order to promote your website using this strategy, you need to think about and research which keywords are best for you.

Social Media Marketing

With the introduction of social media, many advertisers quickly recognized the potential for this platform in marketing. Social media is all about authenticity and communication. When you market on social media, you try to engage people in a more natural way. This can be beneficial over regular marketing since it avoids people's natural resistance to traditional advertising. Social media marketing can include traditional ads that blend in on sites like Facebook and Twitter, or more natural means of communication such as word-of-mouth and community building activities. In order to excel at this type of marketing, it's important to know what you want to achieve with the marketing. People who try to have a social presence without reason often fail. Social media is difficult, so you need to have a plan.

The Best Choice To Promote Your Website

Ultimately, the best choice to promote your website depends on many specific factors. The type of website you have you're trying to promote is the most important. Some sites naturally benefit from organic search engine optimization more than social media. Others tend to have a more social angle or a focus on social activism that fits well with social media. For most websites, however, it isn't a matter of one or the other. In order to really make your marketing effective, you need to reach the greatest amount of people possible. A wider audience means you need to be in multiple places at once. Using both strategies is the best way to do this. This will let your business capture people who prefer one method or the other and increase the awareness of your business overall.

Taking Action

Both of these strategies can be difficult to implement the first time. Having some guidance can help, but there are plenty of options and resources available online. The biggest hurdle is committing to action. If you would like some help on this matter, contact us for information on our services.

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