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5 SEO Trends to Help Your Business Grow

Top Seo tips 2017

SEO trends change quickly. You need to know how to stay up with the times. We've got 5 trends you should be knowledgeable about for your business.

SEO is changing and it's changing fast.

Are you keeping up?

There's no refuting it: SEO is the life force behind the internet. If you're not stepping up to the plate, your Google ranking will drop through the floor overnight.

Let's dig into 5 SEO trends in 2017 that will help your business grow.

1.Dense Content

Make every word count.

Sure, long-form content enjoys great success online. But meaningful content packs an even bigger punch.

Your customers want well-organized content and they want it fast. Slow loading speeds kill user engagement. 40% of users will leave after three seconds of waiting.

Google's new mobile-first index is recognizing this shift.

Take advantage of Google's mobile index. To put this SEO trend to good use be a vicious editor. Consider the amount of meaning per word you are serving your consumer.

2. User Experience Optimization

Your customers have high expectation when it comes to the precious time they spend on the web. Speed and mediocre navigation don't cut it.

User Experience Optimization is an SEO trend backed by Google's improved algorithm. It favors quick loading times and other indications of a positive UX like:

  • mobile optimization

  • bounce rates

  • average time spent on a page

From beautiful design to quick loading speeds, if you want to grow your company then you must consider user experience.

3. Personal Branding Is Paramount

If you're going to stand out in a sea of companies going head-to-head for top ranking spots you need to develop your personal brand.

Maintain an effective personal brand to increase chances of securing these SEO riches:

  • guest posts

  • organic sharing

  • increased user engagement

  • increased brand trust

  • increased traffic

Personal branding is no doubt one of the important SEO trends you need to adopt. Being unique is the name of the gang. What's more unique than your personal identity?

4.Home-Based Voice Search

The way we search is shifting. Siri, Cortana, Google Home and Echo by Amazon now dictate the way users search.

Your SEO strategy needs to adapt. Google searches are now less sparse and more conversational

Speech recognition errors are down from 25 to 8 percent. The use of voice searches is seven times as high as it was in 2010.

How will you grapple this SEO trend?

  • Use long-tail keywords

  • Create FAQs for the who, what, when, where and why queries

  • Pay attention to the way your customers speak and search via social media

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Repeat after me: mobile first.

60% of Google searches take place via mobile.

Adopt a mobile-first strategy. Google pays more mind to Accelerated Mobile Pages that champion speed and usability. Only 23% of SEO professionals implement AMP.

Get ahead of the game.


SEO is dynamic.

A successful SEO strategy demands companies stay on top of SEO trends. Today these trends center on your user's experience.

These trends include the way consumers search via it mobile or voice recognition software. They include the way they interact with the meaningful content you produce as part of a personal brand with integrity.

The tools to becoming an SEO expert are at your fingertips. Get going!

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