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These 7 Web Design Trends Will Dominate 2017

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Is your website on track with 2017's web design trends? Or is it still stuck in the past?

This list of the top 7 web design trends destined to dominate 2017 will help you to ensure your website isn't behind the times.

Number 1 On Our Web Design Trends List: Switch Up The Visual Layout Of Your Site

Most people know what to expect when they open up a webpage - a list of navigation options across the top and bottom of their screens, next to a logo.

But switching up the structure of your site's homepage or menu will set you apart. Scatter buttons across your page, use different colors in your menu bar and include a collage of photos.

Just make sure your contact information is still easy to locate.

2017 Trend 2: Go For The Gradient Effect

We've all seen the power of ombre hair and nails - colors that fade from dark to light or transform into other colors entirely as users scroll down the page.

This second place winner on our web design trends list doesn't just look cool, it also draws users' eyes to different parts of your page. This means they don't get "stuck" in one place.

Remember that colors can effect the mood of your customers. For example, if you're a spa, soothing dark pink and blue tones will work better than bright reds and oranges to get your site visitors in a relaxed state of mind.

Trend 3: Go For A Dark Color Scheme

This is another web design trend that's taken its inspiration directly from the runways. While the past few years have seen a focus on minimalism, now darker color palettes are returning.

Make sure you choose super bold accent colors so your text really stands out. This look shows a sense of authority and confidence in your brand, and it's perfect for start-ups or brands targeting millennials.

Number 4: Go Big Or Go Home

Over 14 million Americans are visually impaired, so using big type on your webpage ensures they don't accidentally overlook anything. This is especially helpful if your brand is geared towards an older population.

But it's not just helpful, it's also trendy. It's a great idea to superimpose large lettering over a photograph on your homepage, to direct attention to a particular place on your site.

Design Tip 5: Use GIFS And Cinemagraphs

This web design trend will literally make your website come alive. This videos run on a loop and have your text superimposed on top.

Plus, while your customer is watching the video, they'll absorb the text, too!

Web Design Tip 6: Get Geometric

Finally, put what you learned in geometry class to good use.

Going with geometric patterns on your site, whether they're the background, used to fill in block lettering, or even illustrate your products, is a major trend that can break up an otherwise 1-dimensional page.

Trend 7: Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Everyone is talking about the use of hand-drawn illustrations on your website. It gives your brand a quirky vibe, and it's totally unexpected. Plus, it's just a fun way to set yourself apart - turn the illustrations into site buttons, too.

Your Site Is On Trend

Thanks to this list of the top 7 web design tips for this year, your site is going to be more productive than ever - and look good while doing it.

Check out our site for additional tips, tricks, and more.

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