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How to Use Psychology to Write Website Content that Sells

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Did you know custom content influences 61 percent of consumers into making a purchase decision?

Sure, content can be the engine that drives your sales.

But is it that simple?

Can you just crank out content and wait for the magic to happen?

The simple truth is that to sell big, you not only need great content, but also content that gets potential customers high on emotion.

In this post, we’re sharing psychological tricks and other top tips on how to write website content that sells.

Settle in and read on!

Understand (and Write for) Your Audience

The process to writing content that sells doesn’t even begin on your computer’s keyboard.

It starts with developing a solid understanding of your customers, and here is why this is important.

Now, even though we are all human, we react differently to various situations.

For instance, if you’re writing a blog on a home security system, your post won't evoke similar emotions in men and women.

The vast majority of your male audience will certainly be drawn into your product because (let’s face it), it’s traditionally the man’s role to keep the household safe!

As such, having a fine grasp of who your audience is lets you to adapt your content and writing style accordingly.

Use Facts and Real Life Examples

When writing, try to give relevant facts and examples.


They provide support for your claims and engage with your audience emotionally.

Take the following opening sentence of a post (based on the example of a home security system).

“Did you know 70 percent of jailed burglars (made that up) confessed that the presence of home security system deterred them from breaking into a target?”

With such an opening statement, you can easily grab your readers' attention. In the online world where 6 in 10 people share links without reading the content, drawing readers into your article is a big deal.

In addition to getting the hooked, the statement will probably make them feel some sympathy for the homeowners who were robbed because they hadn't installed a security system.

As the sympathy flows, they will read the rest of your content to learn how your product can help deter break-ins before deciding whether to buy or not.

Avoid Overselling

There is definitely truth in the saying, “too much of something is poisonous”

Overselling your products or services is the quickest way to irritate your customers and lose their business.

It creates doubt in their minds and makes you sound like all you need from them is their dollars.

Yes, at the end of the day you’re out to make a profit, but consumer psychology doesn’t work that way.

Focus on explaining how you will solve your customers’ problem, and lead them into subconsciously acknowledging they will need to part with some money for the problem to be solved.

Humor Makes Customers Fall for You

Beyond mastering the psychological tricks of writing content that sells, it also boils down to your mastery of the language and style of writing.

Do you have a way with words?

Can you pump some humor into your posts while keeping a persuasive tone?

Creating entertaining content is one of the best ways to make customers fall for your products over and over again.

The Bottom Line on How to Write Website Content

When it comes to online marketing, content is king.

But competition is fierce.

The best way to stay two steps ahead of your competitors and make more sales is to write cognitive content that stimulates conversation around your business and inspires action.

Unfortunately, perfecting how to write website content can take time. And as an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to take time off from running your business.

That’s why you should let us take care of your content marketing needs and help take your sales to the next level.

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