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Top 7 Reasons Why Reviews Are Huge Assets to Your Small Business

Did you know that 90% of consumers read online reviews and a whopping 88% of them trust these reviews as much as personal recommendations (Source: Business2Community)?! These startling statistics reveal the awesome impact behind customer reviews and testimonials to your business’s ultimate growth (or demise). Online reviews can catapult your brand’s reputation, sales, and customer loyalty. Taking the time to create a plan that encourages positive testimonials is a smart business move that produces long-term benefits.

Amazon is an excellent example of a brand who maximizes customer reviews to their advantage. Their consistent follow-up system via email that urges customers to share their product experience certainly adds to Amazon’s success. Your small business can experience this same attainment by leveraging online reviews.

In fact, here are seven top reasons why reviews are big assets to your brand and why you should start insisting more customers leave them on your site:

#1 Builds Trust with New Followers and Potential Customers

One of the biggest benefits to leveraging reviews in your marketing is that testimonials from real customers authenticates your business. You see, people want to know if your service or product will work for them. Sharing reviews prove that your brand brings results which will establish trust with your prospects and those who are “on the fence” about purchasing your product.

#2 Shows that Customers Are Happy with Your Brand

Wouldn't you agree that most people are busy? When consumers take the time to leave a positive review, it speaks volumes. It shows that they have a genuine interest in your brand beyond the buy. They’re so happy about their experience with your product that they have to tell the world about it…let them!

#3 Serves as Useful Marketing Content

Looking for creative content ideas to engage your social media followers, blog visitors, and email list? Why not collect all your customer reviews and share them in one blog post? Or consider scheduling them into your social media marketing tool along with a visual to post on your social networks. Testimonials serves as great content pieces to share with your followers. People resonate and bond with stories. Be sure to tell your customers’.

#4 Gets Your Customers Involved and Active with Your Brand

Another reason why reviews are assets to your small business is that it allows customers to have an active voice in your company. It gets them involved and makes them feel connected with your brand mission. By sharing their opinion and you expressing gratitude for their feedback, you will foster relationships and gain loyal customers that will gleefully share you with their networks.

#5 Improves SEO Rankings

A major advantage to online reviews is the boost in SEO ranking on search engines like Google. The more content that is written about your business, the more this positively impacts SEO status. When your target audience searches keyword phrases relevant to your business, you’re more likely to be found simply due to online reviews. If you desire increased search visibility, reviews is a strong tactic to achieving this goal.

#6 Better Understand Your Audience with Real Feedback

Reviews and customer testimonials can give you winning information as to whether you’re exceeding expectations or if there are areas that require improvement. This allows you to better serve your consumers because you can quickly make adjustments that aligns with your customer’s needs. You’re hearing directly from your market which positions you to create enriched, positive experiences for your customers.

#7 The Ultimate Selling Tool

Testimonials are highly effective selling tools that will help you close the deal. They’re authentic, genuine, and provides real perspectives from live experiences with your product. In fact, 72% of consumers will take action only after reading a positive review. Additionally, 31% of customers are likely to spend more on a business with "excellent" reviews. It’s proven that online reviews have an incredible impact on the buying decision.


Online reviews are vital to any business that wants to maintain a positive online reputation and reap the full benefits of positive customer feedback. It’s crucial that your small business implements a strategy that consistently promotes customer reviews. The benefits are far too profound to ignore.

Much success!

Need help crafting an online strategy that aligns with your business goals? Let’s chat…we’re equipped to help you create results in your marketing!

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