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Harnessing the Power of Local SEO and Directing It Right At Your Business

A new shift in online marketing has business owners stuffing their location onto their website pages. This is not an attempt to drill their physical address into visitor’s heads, but a way to get their website noticed by Google and add credibility to it. Local SEO is the newest wave in the online marketing storm, and you can expect it to have a lasting effect.

The Local Pack and Its Impact on Your Business

Last August, Google changed its format to show three top results for a search rather than the seven it had been using previously. This was done in response to the growing number of Google searches being done on mobile devices, as the 3 pack approach leaves more space for reviews and maps.

The good news for web users is that the three sites being listed are highly localized, allowing them to change in relation with where the search is being conducted. The Google 3 Pack is going to be at the top of a search 93 percent of the time it is conducted with local intent. This is where you want your business to be if you want to see a profit from your presence online.

Something else to consider with Local SEO is the new mobility of the internet surfer. Now if they feel like eating while out, all they have to do is run a quick search on their iPhone from inside their car. This works out for your business if you made a point to localize the content on your website. Over one half of all local searches done on a smartphone are leading to a visit to that store within one day, and 96% of those visits are going to result in a sale.

Getting Local Traffic to Your Website

There are a number of ways in which you can take advantage of local SEO, starting with optimizing the site for mobile devices. This is proving to be a consumer’s preferred device for getting online and getting information about local businesses.

Your website should be professionally designed, with multiple pages of content that relate to your product or service. The skills needed to get a quality website up and running are diverse, and require specialized knowledge. Use a professional web design company like Overflow Local to create a website for your business. Overflow Local has been instrumental in improving traffic using local SEO for businesses across Wisconsin, from Appleton to Green Bay Wisconsin, and even around the country.

Consumer Changes and Local SEO

How the consumer accesses the internet has changed dramatically since its introduction. With everything having become mobilized, it is only logical that almost half of all Google searches contain local keywords. Having your town, city or state predominant on your website will increase the likelihood that yours is included in those searches. But stuffing pages with location specific keywords is not enough. You want to ensure that your site is still providing valuable information that consumers can relate to.

Getting Local SEO Terms and Keywords Onto Your Website

For some business owners, the challenge arises in trying to word pages so that local SEO keywords make sense. For others, it is in trying to reach a multitude of small towns that surround the area they serve. Think like a consumer, and focus on the major city that feeds the majority of your business for landing and site pages. You can than disperse those smaller areas into the content using descriptions of your services or through blog posts. Another tactic that helps to serve a business whose reach is far, is to include a landing page that focuses on each individual town or smaller city in their range.

Local SEO has quickly turned into the norm for professional website designers and content creators. Take advantage of the expertise that Overflow Local has gained, to build your business a website that gets you straight onto the Google 3 Pack.

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