Here Are 5 Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Use

There are so many digital marketing tactics, choosing the best strategy can be difficult. But these 5 tricks will give you results.


Do you own a business and handle your own marketing, too? Or, perhaps you oversee the marketing team for another business. Have you found that engagement with your brand, website traffic, or sales aren't where you want them to be?


If the answer is an easy yes, it's probably a good time to change up your digital marketing tactics so you can achieve the results you're looking for.


Here, we'll review 5 digital marketing tactics you need to use if you want to see real results.


Read on to learn what they are.


1. Start a Blog


These days, it's no secret that starting a blog is one of the many digital marketing tactics that can have a huge impact on your business. With a blog, you can increase engagement, get shares, subscribers, and more.


Setting up a blog isn't difficult to do, either. If you use a platform like WordPress or Wix, you're not going to need a whole lot of technical knowledge. And, it's inexpensive!


The most important aspect of your blog, however, is the content. Without quality content on your blog, you won't reap the benefits mentioned above.


2. Invest in Pay-Per-Click Advertising


PPC advertising is simply paying for an ad that places your business at the top of whichever search engine you prefer.


By doing this, you'll be the first result people see when they perform a search for your product or service. Because of this, the traffic to your website is practically guaranteed to increase.


3. Advertise on Social Media


Regardless of what industry you're in, your customers are using social media. Why not use this to your advantage and market to them where they already are?


Whether you pay to boost posts on Facebook or utilize Instagram, advertising via social media is a great way to ensure that your content gets seen.


4. Email Marketing


Email is similar to one really wants to use it, but we all have to. It's a necessary evil.


With that said, it's still a great way to market your business. If you want to generate traffic and sales quickly, a solid email marketing campaign is a great way to do just that.


5. Claim Your Google My Business Page


Your Google My Business page is the key to gaining free exposure for your business. It's easy to set up. All you need to do are the following three things:

  1. Verify your business on Google

  2. Optimize it with a description of your services, hours, etc

  3. Accurately fill out each section to complete your page

After you complete these simple tasks, your business will show up when someone searches for your product or service. Greater visibility equals increased traffic.


It's really as simple as that! You can thank us later.


For Guaranteed Results, Use These Digital Marketing Tactics


With these 5 easy-to-implement tactics for digital marketing, you'll benefit from increased engagement with your brand, more traffic to your website, and, as a result, an increase in sales. If you implement them well, that is.


Need some advice on how to implement these digital marketing tactics, or want some help generating ideas for your next email marketing campaign?


Contact us today, and we'll work with you to develop a great campaign that will get you the results you want.



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